world class security, privacy, and compliance.

Your data is our business so we take every step to safeguard it.
Automated controls ensure your data remains protected.

our approach

security is a mindset

We are meticulous about what data we access and how we use that data in our work. Ensuring the confidentiality, security, and integrity of all healthcare data, client information, and intellectual property that we are entrusted with comes first and foremost at Fathom.

To stay ahead of a constantly evolving landscape, we take a three-pronged approach:


We build and maintain automated security solutions through a mix of proprietary and best in breed solutions.


We select for and continually cultivate an attitude of security awareness, placing the utmost emphasis on data security and privacy.


We continually challenge assumptions about security and compliance best practices, pushing for the best solution, rather than a sufficient solution.


best practices deployed across all facets of our business

Fathom has put policies and procedures in place across our core business areas, taking into account and aligning with the latest standards:
Application Security
Infrastructure Security
Data Privacy and Management
Threat and Vulnerability Management
Access Management
Business Continuity
Change Management
Workforce Training
Disaster Recovery
Incident Management